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Re: I Thought You Were Against RON
Posted by  BrendaTx of TX on 1/13/22 2:23pm Msg #637680
VT - I went into this long discussion to show you that if you get hooked in with a title company that wants to provide pre-tagged documents, you will go to a platform that works for them and you will be paid a fee, but likely not charged to use the platform.

Thus far, there are three basic types of platforms and hybrids of all of them.

I am writing this in a hurry...sorry for the errors.

This is me. I am paid by title, signing services, or individual citizens. The platform doesn't get between me and my money. The notary pays a licensing fee and a per transaction fee. For instance, I pay my platform $250 per year.

Title or SS sends me an email "can you do?" and I take it from there. I separate out the recordable docs and tag documents. That can be placing 150 tags like signatures, initials, text boxes, check boxes, etc. It can take more than an hour.

Each notary seal is what I am charged for. Fee: $10 to start the notarization / one seal included. $5 for each additional notary seal. It caps at $60.

To start on this type of platform without a fee, you can try out which has a free plan. You are charged $13 for the first notarization and $5 for each thereafter. I think it has a cap of $30. I have friends who like it.

If you are going after title work, you'll need to look for a platform that has been approved by title companies. If you are going to general notary work, you can use just about anyone out there.

Also, you don't charge by the seal in title work, you charge by the package. Trial and error just like beginning as a new notary almost.

You will not pay the platform. This is like Pavaso, Klear Sign, SafeDocs, Solex that are marketing toward lenders and title.

There is a hiring party who will hire the notaries. You will not "tag" the documents. They are tagged for you. You will sit down, watch them go through ID process, administer your notary ceremony, sometimes you will go through the documents and you'll be paid $35 - $65 for a half an hour's work.

You will not pay the platform. You do not pay fees and will be paid by the platform. You sit and wait for work. Types of work pay different amounts. Paid by transaction.

You have to be trained until you are smooth at your delivery and hit all the correct points in your delivery and then you can start, do XX number of them and move up from onesies. It's a great way to get good overall training.

This is, both of which have title companies that use them and they need notaries for that work, I believe. Documents are tagged before you get them on this type of work. Like a private platform, you make a lot less than you are used to.

Smaller platforms are doing this too.

Notarize lets Tenn & Wash notaries use their platform for BYOC. I think that is a test beta thing.
NotaryCam has a few pet notaries who use their platform to do their BYOC work.

That's like a platform that is dabbing in two or all of these models.

BYOC (Bring your own client).
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