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Posted by KA/Cal of CA on 7/7/20 12:47pm Msg #621786
I want to start off by saying that this borrower acted in his best interest for a Refinance over My (The signing agents health) and those I come in contact with,

Client was asked a couple of days ago (by myself if anyone in the household had flu or cold like symptoms in the past fourteen days? Client answered no, he was also asked if anyone in the household traveled internationally in the past 14 days? client answered no.
He was also asked if anyone has anyone in the household have covid-19 or been around anyone with covid-19 in the past 14 days? client answered no.

I told client to please set an area outside to sign and if that's not possible to please have good spacing inside as well as sanitizing the entire areas whether it be inside or out. Also stated everyone has to where a mask and only the people signing should be there, no pets or kids.

I arrived at the signing where client had a couple of tables on the front porch and sanitizing spray bottle on table. I knocked at the door and stepped back and Mr Smit# came to the door. He was not wearing a mask.
Mr Smit# went back in and then came out in a mask. I sat in the wood chair across from the front door when Mrs. Smit# and her son came to the door. I looked up and they were both wrapped in blankets and clearly looked horrendously ill.
First I looked at the wife (who was not wearing a mask and nor was the son)) and asked, "are you sick?" she said, "I do not have Covid it is just a 24 hr flu." I asked the son to go back in the house. Then explained to husband and wife that I was clear about cold or flu like symptoms and that's when the wife retreated back into the home. I then stepped away to call Pac Doc sign where I told them the wife is here and clearly ill and I obviously can not perform this signing. He completely agreed. I then reluctantly went back to get my things. I explained to the husband who did not look ill, that I cannot perform the signing. He said thank you. as I walked away I clearly heard him hit the table hard.

After scrubbing my body and property with Lysol wipes I left the property.
After I got back to Santa Rosa, I called Mr Smit# to make sure no one had advised him to go through with the signing even though family members were showing signs of flu and cold like symptoms? he stated, " no but someone mentioned something but i don't remember what it was.". then he said, " You (Notary) had ask a couple of days ago when they were not sick", I said Mr Smit# I just called you an 1.5 hours ago to let you know I was running late. You mentioned nothing about family members having flu and cold like symptoms just that you had a call at 1pm and how long it would take for the signing. I stated around forty minutes if you are just signing.

The advise from the State of California is that this house should be under quarantine.
I traveled 46 minutes there ( with an additional delay in road work) and 46 minutes back ( with another delay in road work), I am definitely full of anxiety. I requested full fee and they said 'No". They thought it was a joke that I should get full fee.

Anyone want to chime in and stop allowing this to happen?
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