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Signature Name Affidavit OPINIONS please
Posted by GAMMYx3/MA of MA on 1/13/21 10:04pm Msg #628501
Monday I did a signing with a couple. Specific instructions on this was NOT given by Freedom Mortgage. the form showed the signer without middle initial in the documents. Signer had a middle initial on ID. form stated "I hereby certify that signer with middle initial is one and the same as signer without middle initial" and the same line had a date line. Note that in the area of the name with middle initial that was NO corresponding line for the signer to use to sign but below it were 4 blank lines. Based on having done this for 20 years if there was no corresponding line for the "with initial" signer to sign I only have had them sign on the line that has their name below it. Today I get a call saying that I need to go back and have them resign it as the "LENDER" is requiring it to fund the loan. I do not believe I did anything wrong and neither does the company that hired me...we agreed and she is paying a small additional fee out of her pocket to have it done. The signer is an ex loan officer and was very angry.. told me this was a "CROCK and that I hope they are paying you to resign this?"

This situation is a first for me and today was my second Freedom Mortgage signing in two anticipation of this happening again I met that signer AFTER I had met with him and had him sign that in the same place with his name with initial ...lucky he only works 1/2 mile from me and I was able to get his docs completed and out on time with the signature name affidavit signed the way I was instructed to other words CYA before it came back to bit me in the butt tomorrow when I am unable to meet with the signer due to other commitments.

I want to state that BOTH signers stated that if it was not for the great interest rate that they were getting they would NOT have gone with this took 7 months to complete and the other 5 months.

I am interested in your opinions....I am not trying to start a war in asking this so please just opinions.
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