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Companies to avoid like the plague...
Posted by  JanetK_CA of CA on 5/27/21 10:22pm Msg #632415
Check out Msg #632396, suggested by Cheryl Elliott and started by Luckydog as "The worst companies to work for". I hope new and old notaries will continue to add to either that post or this one so we can drive these worst-of-the-worst out of business!

One caveat before you add someone to either of these messages... IMO, this is intended to be companies that you shouldn't work for at all, so in fairness, they should be those with long histories of negative reviews, i.e. those who lie, cheat, and frequently stiff their notaries. It shouldn't include those with whom you have one or two bad experiences. Instead, I strongly recommend continuing to post reviews and comments on Signing Central because that's the first place everyone should look.

However, when notary after notary gives a signing service bad reviews and posts negative comments, when they've continually acted in bad faith, preyed on newbies, changed their company name from time to time to try to fool us, let's call them out! And just don't work for them! They may nicely string you along for a while first, but that doesn't mean they've changed their stripes and that you're not going to get shafted as so many others have in the past.

If they can't find anyone to hire, assignments then have to be handled directly or through a reputable signing service - and everybody wins!
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