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Suggested topics for newbies to search for
Posted by  JanetK_CA of CA on 3/3/21 12:44am Msg #630080
There are so many posts on same or similar topics stored here that it's tough to pick specific favorites, so some of us thought about suggesting some topics for new notaries to search for. NVLSlady/VA started that off with a list all newbies should read in Msg #630076.

There may be some overlap here, but in trying to find some of my favs, here are just a few common topics that came to my mind. (Please feel free to reply here with any other topics worthy of a search by a new notary.)

* Signing Central; How to use Signing Central;
* How to find work; How to get started;
* Fees; How much should I charge; How to set fees
* Printers; What's the best printer [must be laser]; toner cartridges

Try a lot of variations on those themes, as different wording in the subject line of the Search on each topic will bring up different messages. Use whatever similar terms you can think of in various combinations. Some of these topics will bring up very long lists of messages and threads that go back for many, many years. Where and whenever possible, read all the search results - and all the messages under each one (but keep in mind that some things do change over time).

You'll not only get lots of great info - including on some things you wouldn't have thought to search for - and you'll also get lots of nonsense, poor advice, wrong info (IMNSHO Wink), cattiness, complaining, humor, etc., etc.,etc. Some of that you might want to skip over, but if you read enough of it, you'll also get to 'know' some of the posters here and get an idea of how much value to put on advice from different people. (It's important to keep in mind, though, that no one is always right and no one is always wrong!)

If you go back far enough, you also learn a great deal about the history of this cyclical industry and how much things can change over the years. I think it's highly likely that we'll be seeing another change in the trajectory of our field over the next couple of years or so. (Forewarned is forearmed....)

Read new posts here daily, and you'll likely be kept up on topics of interest to our business.
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