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Signing Service Scammers - How do you make sure you get paid
Posted by TxFox of TX on 6/5/24 8:05pm Msg #648573
Is it me, or is this on the rise? The businesses we regularly work with don't have the glowing accolades some of these scammers get.

I love notary work. I do the job well, as needed and I get paid. Great. Thank you. But having to be a collections person is not my desired profession.

I have had more encounters with scammers and it is frustrating. On the coffee site I have seen that there are am odd number of "defenders" of the scammers coming on that "help" you get paid if you complain loudly and clearly but even then its still very scammy. I should not have to send repeated emails to several changing emails reminding you every couple days you didn't pay me like you said you would yesterday, day before, and last week. And I shouldn't need new forum members with secret payment email addresses to get paid. It is very weird. And there are other hidden, hard to find forum messages saying that messages get deleted on behalf of some of the scammers under threat of suit.

I encouraged my daughter to become a notary and she has had to deal with some really shady people that make me regret my suggestion. Fake Attorney offices that stop answering the moment a signing is scanned back. Now a signing service website is down and emails are being rejected. Odd messages on coffee site say they were hacked but that's not aligning with info on my side. We have been seeking payment for weeks, and began receiving emails from others seeking their payment. No one is replying at any email.

I have begun to feel like I will not send scans back to new vendors before payment. How do you prevent new clients from scamming you?
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