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Re: Illinois Notary madee an error or am I wrong?
Posted by Glena/NV of ? on 11/25/04 1:48pm Msg #12030
I do not know how many signings you have done in the past, but my advice in the forums is very well sought. People email me privately for my advice.

First of obviously do not know anything about what I am talking about! Understand what my post is all about before you decide to slam me! This is not a UPL! You are not providing a certificate that is not there! Have you done a split signing at all where another notary has to notarize something---in this case from Illinois, and you have to finish the rest? My guess is not! or you would know what I am talking about.

Where it is a split-signing, the notary was to use the certificate that came with the DOT and the second Notary has to provide a loose-leaf acknowledgement certificate to complete his or her end of the notarization...THIS IS NOT A UPL!!! This notary did not use the certificate that was provided in the DOT and he did not provide an all purpose acknowledgement certificate herself. He stamped his seal on the signature page with no notarial wordings and venue....obviously, you will be doing the same thing, right? Know your notary laws before you slamm someone! A seal without a notarial certificate is not valid! You should know that?!!!

It is obvious that you do not understand where the UPL would apply on this doe not apply!

It would be considered a UPL if there is no certificate attached and you decide for yourself (without finding out from the source) what certificate to use. It is not for you to decide...THAT WOULD BE A UPL! This document has an acknowledgement certificate which the notary did not is obvious that they want an acknowledgement, when another certificate is needed and the other notary used that already in IL, you have to provide one on your end...the same acknowledgement certificate.

What state are you in? I was a notary in California and a notary in Nevada...I have no idea what your state is, but in both of the states that I have served, they are allowed.

It is obvious that you do not know what you will be doing in this better have not posted your opinion because it did not help and it is very insulting that you slam a person without knowing what it is she is talking about, sounding so smug yet knows nothing!

Be nice next time, maybe you will get a better response.

I am asking for opinions from Illinois notaries, are you allowed by your state to stamp your seal on anything without the notarial wording and venue?

I apologize everyone! It just happen I was rubbed the wrong way. Happy Thanksgiving!

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