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Further Proof of My Theory
Posted by Bob-Chicago of ? on 11/25/04 2:53pm Msg #12032
Many notaries ( do not deserve the NSA designation) are way overpaid @ $50/signing.
You are correct the the Il notary did not know what they were doing.
The Il notary should have filled out and signed the incorporated ack or attached a loose ack.
Il provides for a regular ack as follows:
state of ____
county of______
this instrument was acknowledged before me on__(date) by
_______________-(name of person(s)
signature of Notary Public
aint exactly brain surgery
I was the back end of a split signing, and the first notary notarized for my signer as well as hers as names were preprinted. On one doc notary did not sign or fill out but only affixed an embosser seal (ink seal on other docs.
Also used Sunday as the last date of recission.
You are also generally correct on your UPL statements.
We are allowed and , in fact obligated, to follow our own states's notary laws. This requires reading, understanding and interpreting them. UPL generally involves giving legal advice to someone other than yourself.
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