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Benefit of OSB (Orange Search Button)
Posted by NVLSlady/VA of VA on 9/11/17 1:14pm Msg #582797
Was catching up and thought it might be good to expand on this topic. . .

[NR] Important Notice
Please CONSIDER* consulting the Search feature before asking questions. Many questions have been answered repeatedly on this forum by expert notaries: Should I buy a laser printer? What are e-docs? What is a signing agent? How much should I charge? How do I get started? Answers to questions like these are just a few clicks away!
*a Strong consideration, I might add, and here's Why:

When searching a topic, reviewing the HISTORY of the issue at hand is a tremendous help in understanding the background leading up to the question. I find this especially true since State notary laws are somewhat "scattered" (some States discourage the use of notary "closers" without a Title license while others Mandate; what attorney only "closing" really means; what's behind the prohibition of accepting "closing" funds; which signatures do we actually have to WITNESS; when you say 'Backdating,' are you thinking what I'm thinking?; Acknowledgment, Oath, both? . . . and so on)

A more recent example of why the Search (Research) function is so valuable to ensuring a correct response is when a poster asked about notarizing the Note; a couple of pointed questions were asked (to help him self-analyze). As mainly VA notaries have regular and direct experience with this much discussed topic, those who have followed this topic for any length can determine which responses are appropriate for his/her particular situation - and which insights will govern a well-informed decision where protocol varies widely across forum geographic (as well as comfort) lines.

In short, DUE DILIGENCE makes for healthy discussion among those with broader perspectives and current experiences. Please please don't see the Search as a bother or an Insult; it's a very beneficial means to getting a solid footing on a subject and formulating intelligent questions. Remember, the "expert" may be out to lunch that day (or hiding under a table hyper-ventilating after seeing the same question repeated a gazillion times), so you may not fully accomplish your objective unless you've opened the doors to past discussions and begun to Reason on what you've read. Unless your objective is to torture the more Advanced Students in the class. Yes, we're all still learning . . . but patience comes a bit harder for some of us Wink

p.s. Some also find notary assn articles informative, as well. I personally like to do research in AAN archives and some industry-related sites. And for newer notaries, don't forget your Handbook! It's your primary tool for basic notary procedures.
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