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First/Worst Signing.
Posted by Jazmyn Sampson of VA on 10/17/20 11:22amMsg #625462
I'm Honestly embarrassed to say I am NNA trained and certified I must say.
I was unfamiliar with most documents, I signed my name incorrectly from my stamp and missed a few signatures.
I put a line through my name and signed it correctly on most docs and squeezed my middle name in where i could on the others. I am embarrassed i just hope the package is acceptable. I made sure all signatures were there and everything else looks good. There was a document of notary acknowledgment with Individual and "Entity " notary signing. A very confusing document. The entity section seemed as if that was for the companies notary I was really unsure of that document and couldn't even call the company because its Saturday. I definitely need to go home and study and familiarize myself with the loan documents again. I am kicking myself. Next time will be better. I appreciate any tips. The Signing was 50 miles away btw and they texted me for it at 5pm and said it was urgent asap also this was my first signing, a refinance and hour away lol its hilarious.
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