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Posted by Jeffery/OH of OH on 10/11/18 1:27pm Msg #599298
Good day everyone, I know I have heard some bad things about Mortgage However I accepted an order from them on 7/12/2018, and you know it, he failed to pay. I followed all your instructions for collecting payment from this fraudster, I contacted the BBB and sent e-mails requesting payment, I finally received a check in the mail for the agreed fee amount, and guess what it BOUNCED, lucky me. I filed a report with the FBI Irvine IC3 department, have not heard from them, I called Irvin police department and they are not helpful they told me to file a report with my local police department, I will be doing that soon as well.
Now with that said I will need everyone to help me because I am thinking about filing a class-action lawsuit or a civil case depending on how many of you have not been paid or received bounced checks.

Any suggestions would help, a good CA attorney I can call to get this process started

I want to make sure that this stuff never happens again
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