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Been days since looking in on you all....
Posted by Pamela/CA of CA on 3/25/20 11:46am Msg #617758
Holy Moley, Guys! Your language, mounting fear, and dire warnings are near manic now. Come on, You are better than that.

There are literally thousands of people working around you providing services. Trash Removal, postal carriers and post offices, nurses (hospital & traveling), ALL law enforcement (FBI, Police, CHP, etc), grocery store employees, Title employees, Lender employees, home care services, FedEx, UPS, Ministers, drive-thru restaurants, Mom&Pops cafes, AAA road services, and CLEANERS (they too are exempt!). The list of exemptions are exhaustive.

California issued its exemptions under sec 9 of the CoronaVirus Health Act. I am following those protocols. It makes zero difference to me whether you work or you do not for your personal reasons.
I am not pointing any fingers and you should not be making judgements on those of us willing to provide services to the Public for their financial transactions!

Bob and I have gotten calls from the LENDERS directly, offering us $400 and $800(!!) to take their loans and drive 100 miles out b/c no other NSA would touch it. We understand their desperation, and as one LO commented, "Never knew my loan could be cancelled by a Notary!"
Well we certainly have them all thinking now! LOL. I'm sure CA will go the RON direction.

Anyway, we are only doing this for the BO's many of whom started their loans 2 to 3 months ago and are taking out BIG cash - several told me they never expected a virus to shut down their work and will live on the cash. Well, that's good, they probably will not qualify after the virus passes.

Bob and I are exempt under the rules - however, we only take signings that must meet OUR requirements - which I gotta tell you, I'm loving after years being under the thumb and kicked around by Title & SS's.

1. In our County ONLY.

2. Signers must have an outdoor space to sign - if no table/chairs - we bring the folding set we bought for this

3. We print out docs with gloves on.

4. We wear mask and gloves to signings AND provide gloves to Signers (keeps docs clean).

5. We've already instructed Signers to the Procedures - so their ID's are on the table waiting for us.
(If upon arrival we see ANYONE coughing or ill - we WALK! PERIOD!)

6. Signers stand aside while we place the package on their end of the table, Journal on top open to their signing lines along with the thumbprint kit. Pretty straight forward.

7. We sit 6 feet away with the BO's copy docs on our flat top TV tray we bring.

8. They sign Journal, Thumbprint and leave those aside and we begin the Signing.

9. At notary pages - we either stamp and sign the one in the Copy and put it aside or if we are at one of those slickery type table, they'll slide it down for us to notarized and we slide it back.

10. At the end, we congratulate them on their closing and step aside allowing us to retrieve orig, journal etc and leave their copy and ID.

Since the shut down we've been very lucky to complete 32 so far in this new format - its efficient and Effective.

We've given up about 38% of our business b/c it is out of our County. We sleep well, take our vitamins, eat lots of blueberries (frozen are better tasting) and are feeling great.

To all those who are continuing their work - Keep On Keeping On. Take care... this will be over soon.

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