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And the signer keeps the ink pad?
Posted by SC/CA of CA on 3/25/20 12:56pm Msg #617766
Or does that get reused for the next person? Or did you find a super-star way to use gloves while getting a thumbprint ?

Good for you ! Aren't you so wonderful for passing along the virus, how so very proud of yourself you must be !

I know, how the entire world is ovveracting! Bad, silly world, how stupid! I know better ! Billions, with a "B," are sheltering in place. But absolutley, they are ovvereacting. Stupid pepole. I know better. I am Wooooonderfulllllll !!!!!

Some notaries are still taking work and are deluded into thinking that they're not acting as super-spreaders, that their precautions are somehow foolproof (which is in my opinion, is monumentally selfish, narcissistic and self-deluding).

Narcissistic personality disorder ó one of several types of personality disorders ó is a mental condition in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, and a lack of empathy for others.

Are we exempt ? Ha ! Just narcissistic (or phenomenally selfish or immature).

In light of everything that's happening, to think that it is in any way humane to even consider putting yourself in the position of spreading the virus, forget about killing yourself off, is just unconscionable. Unless you're saving a life, or feeding people, you should be sheltering in place. Sure, you'll find any number of "exceptions." Don't be that selfish person who thinks they're the grand exception. Just stay home. Because you can.

The actual heroes in this are the medical professionals, the people who deliver food and supplies, the police, even politicians who are setting systems into place, and regular people - like notaries - who just stay home. Did I say we were regular people? Heaven forbid!

The medical professionals are pleading, pleading for people to stay home. They are putting their lives on the line, and the deaths will be greatly increased by blatantly selfish acts of spreading.

This message is not for the OP. That is clearly useless. It is for anyone else, who may have the ability to see outside themselves, and just stay home if not for others, than at least for themselves.

Keep up all of the excellent work - to the notaries who see the need to shelter in place, and understand its importance, and are making substantial personal sacrifices for the sake of others, their family, friends, and for their own safety. You are needed !!! Your actions matter. And to you I say, Thank YOU !!!

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