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View Notary Discussion from January, 2012
Welcome to the Notary Discussion archive for January, 2012, where you can find answers to many notary questions, information on signing services and title companies and expert advice on signing agent issues. This archive is current as of 12/31/2013.
January, 2012
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DateTopic# Replies
01/01/2012Is this a reputable company?4
01/01/2012Standard OR fees7
01/01/2012David Bacca - Mobile Signing5
01/01/2012Here We Go - Yet Another Year With More Weird Questions28
01/02/2012Attributes of a Successful Loan Signing Agent9
01/02/2012New Year0
01/02/2012Accurate Title Group, LLC0
01/02/2012Notary Rotary Survey-How many signings completed in 2011?30
01/02/2012Good portable table available at Costco4
01/03/2012Hard Core Solutions / Tampa Fla.2
01/03/2012edoc and fax capability1
01/03/2012On Call on Site Closings in Orlando, Fl.8
01/03/20122012 Rescission Calendar6
01/03/2012Cell Phone usage while driving17
01/03/2012First Centennial Title14
01/03/2012Business License10
01/03/2012New W-9s7
01/03/2012Great sale at Staples:8
01/04/2012Office depot letter paper sale4
01/04/20122012 Rescission Calendar: Yearly and Monthly Views13
01/04/2012Anyone else slow?11
01/04/2012IRS mileage rates for 20122
01/04/2012Cost per page with maintenance contract for your printer3
01/04/2012Rate Lock- refi apps info1
01/05/2012No hud yet11
01/05/2012WOW! On-site inspections for $19 - TrendSource, Inc.4
01/05/2012Why can't I find Lewis Notary Services in SC? Anyone know? n/m11
01/05/2012Last 3 deals took 5 months or longer12
01/05/2012National Real Estate9
01/05/2012Lender Vend6
01/05/2012How to get your number on my no-no list...3
01/05/2012Confused and have questions for tax purposes7
01/05/2012Borrower called when doc's arrived8
01/05/2012My new Garmin nuvi 5-inch all the whistles and bells GPS...3
01/05/2012Old Republic Nat'l Title Ins Co IL Accepted a signing2
01/05/2012Signing companies, telling you they are....2
01/05/2012NYS Notary Study Material, any suggestions?1
01/05/2012REALLY need input on a closing I have for tomorrow!36
01/05/2012Republic Title (in Rolling Meadows, IL) in Ch 11 bankruptcy?0
01/06/2012Citibank Streamline Loans26
01/06/2012Fax backs12
01/06/2012Adavnced Document Signing Services. DeFuniak, FL. G/B/U n/m1
01/06/2012Just Renewed2
01/06/2012FYI: Interesting change in IRS re 1099 reporting and0
01/06/2012Having trouble with my mouse. The arrow jumps all over the9
01/07/2012power of attorney in california9
01/07/2012Anybody hear from James (notarysigner)?10
01/09/2012Article calling "Convenience Closings" into question9
01/09/2012Is it just me, or has this board been slow as molasses? n/m3
01/09/2012found a website that has my company listed as1
01/09/2012How do you think 2012 will be regarding business3
01/09/2012Borrower owed 137,000, lender agreed to 68,00011
01/09/2012Bella Homes Update0
01/09/2012I Like Dogs Mr. & Mrs. Borrower.....But In Moderation......11
01/09/2012Ugh, first notary act, not sure I did right23
01/09/2012Anyone Familiar with National Link G/B/U n/m5
01/09/2012Indiana bill to raise notary fees7
01/09/2012Field Pros aka G/B/U????0
01/09/2012Love my fellow NotRot'ers!6
01/09/2012Slow day on NR and an interesting question to pose6
01/10/2012E&O Insurance and Background Check18
01/10/2012Quickin Loans8
01/10/2012re: Msg #371047 Robert, did you ever hear back from DOD? n/m1
01/10/2012enotary pro5
01/10/2012Power Link11
01/10/2012SC is so frustrating at times. Justice Title is NOT listed1
01/10/2012Certified Check16
01/10/2012Omega Title LLC1
01/10/2012Secretary of State no help at all11
01/10/2012Aisekal 24 Hour Mobile Notary6
01/10/2012NNA Conference11
01/10/2012Traci-NR, thank you for explaining the issue with SC &4
01/10/2012What's with these 175+ page pkgs? I'm doubling my print fee n/m10
01/11/2012Notary business for sale11
01/11/2012Victoria Ring passed away in September 2011...10
01/11/2012Tracking cont0
01/11/2012Mobile Signing Solutions - Orlando, FL g/b/u?5
01/11/2012Why is Msg #408634 locked? Re: Justice Title... n/m4
01/11/2012The E&O insurance that NotRot sells is only for general1
01/11/2012We may be moving to Tennessee10
01/11/2012Mortgage apps 1-11-12 from RATE ALERT TBWS0
01/11/2012This is a first4
01/11/2012D&T SS, Santa Ana - Joey Le - Can't add to Signing Central2
01/11/2012Stamp Disposal14
01/11/2012Quill Sale1
01/11/2012Signature Line GBU???1
01/11/2012Profile update2
01/12/2012receiving a text instead of a phone call23
01/12/2012Have you ever been asked to ....14
01/12/2012Has anyone been paid by Safir Signings?7
01/12/2012Junk Docs0
01/12/2012Vendors listen up - Mail new postal service2
01/12/2012Now Closings-good bad???5
01/12/2012Postal Service to provide notarization?34
01/12/2012Request to other members of the forum6
01/12/2012Is anyone else getting spam faxes...2
01/12/2012Gotta love the news1
01/12/2012Altisource - Anyone currently working for them?0
01/12/2012NEW COUNTY RULE?12
01/12/2012unusually slow week--anyone experiencing the same?18
01/12/2012Need a new GPS2
01/13/2012New print screen with Adobe?5
01/13/2012Notary 9111
01/13/2012When you only have a limited quantity to sell3
01/13/2012Never Fear.....Lot's of Good Busines is Near.....14
01/13/20124 Names on Notarial Certificate7
01/13/2012Sad but interesting info6
01/13/20122 hours to print and 600+ pages later8
01/13/2012Single Source Notary: GBU? NM n/m0
01/13/2012It cannot be repeated to the public too often: ...13
01/13/2012I know this has been discussed before...6
01/13/2012Incompetent schedulers7
01/13/2012Used NR fax for the 1st time and it was great!!!!! n/m0
01/14/2012Why this forum is so much fun6
01/14/2012Wrong 1099 sent?17
01/14/2012To call or not to call2
01/14/2012A perspective on fees from the international side5
01/14/2012Does anyone agree that some of these SS's are like0
01/14/2012Computer problem: out of memory on line2
01/14/2012PC or MAC ?11
01/14/2012FYI: Final Link (1.5 stars)22
01/15/2012Notary Engagement package (euphemism for sure)3
01/15/2012Ohio Notary Seal9
01/15/2012The first law appointing notaries in Florida5
01/15/2012For those of you who distribute promotional items13
01/15/2012An article on foreclosure auctions0
01/16/2012What happens when no one takes an assignment??7
01/16/2012How far should a notary go...6
01/16/2012I've spent most of my adult life...8
01/16/2012Speaking of vehicle titles...8
01/16/2012Premier Signing Services LLC10
01/16/2012Low Ballers3
01/16/2012Registering Mortgage @ Courthouse?13
01/16/2012OT, maybe, sort of...maybe not: FIVERR5
01/16/2012YuK! Brother HL-5370DW ink splotches. Help!15
01/16/2012Conversation today w/Office Depot Customer Service Dept..7
01/17/2012Had my laugh for today11
01/17/2012SS: "Can you go out and do a signing for us tomorrow...10
01/17/201272 hour toner sale6
01/17/2012Social media...its the BEST way of getting OUR message out9
01/17/2012FREE FREE to you Brother laser printer Drum still in the box8
01/17/2012Thanks you orange search button and signing central0
01/17/2012Tribal Fusion G/B/U5
01/17/2012Anyone know how to get MFC 8440 to scan legal w/Windows 7 n/m13
01/18/2012This might explain why we get different results3
01/18/2012Brother HL-5370DW ink splotches - Did you find the solution?2
01/18/2012I got "the call" from Fed Ex this past Monday4
01/18/2012Computer virus alert6
01/18/2012New to Notary8
01/18/2012Disgusted by an ad I recevied in today's mail from5
01/18/2012This week is a bust for me11
01/18/2012US Treasury Direct5
01/18/2012Has anyone worked for USA Debt Professionals?2
01/18/2012Completing a jurat for a will in Florida3
01/18/2012Universal Notary Inc, CA g/b/u n/m4
01/18/2012I need to re-ink my seal13
01/18/2012For California Notarys - 2012 S.O.S. Newsletter9
01/18/2012Goat ate the documents!11
01/18/2012Wording in PA3
01/18/2012Signature Notaries,3
01/18/2012Speedy Notary and Doc. Signing - Nationwide Mobile Notary Services6
01/19/2012Major BIG information for California notaries...20
01/19/2012Notary license17
01/19/2012WA Notaries--who's working through snow and ice?9
01/19/20121-19-11 Quill sale7
01/19/2012Brother owner's alert! Print from your phone . . .0
01/19/2012Bad News - Death in the FL NSA Family10
01/19/2012IG n/m0
01/19/2012the state of the business9
01/19/2012When to staple the document7
01/20/2012Bye all - y'all have a great week-end. n/m5
01/20/2012BLIZZARD ALERT IN CHICAGO! SS/TC if ya need nsa to close7
01/20/2012Sand Castle Field Services GBU?2
01/20/2012Robert Charles Goo3
01/20/2012how do i find "who called me".....tia...i did search.. n/m2
01/20/2012Another Deliver Gone Bad2
01/21/2012lately docs all in letter size12
01/21/2012Signing Central2
01/21/2012Nationwide Signing Services, Chandler, AZ3
01/21/2012How do I drum up more business? Tired of waiting on calls!10
01/21/2012commercial real estate, any advice1
01/22/2012Looking for suggestions . . .22
01/22/2012A set of Docs for each signer????7
01/22/2012Notary Rotary Logo20
01/22/2012wand scanners7
01/22/2012Back early from a long weekend away4
01/22/2012AP Notaries G/B/U1
01/23/2012Court deposition by phone20
01/23/2012Good deal on letter size paper at Staples2
01/23/2012222 pages in one refi UGH n/m14
01/23/2012Postal increase0
01/23/20123 closings tomorrow & still no docs yet. First closing at7
01/23/2012National link8
01/23/2012Quick Loan Signing - any info?6
01/24/2012Grand Title LLC0
01/24/2012foreign language doc60
01/24/2012Expert Signings LLC - OH - 2 stars...mixed reviews...3
01/24/2012Nationwide Signing1
01/24/2012"State of Our Courtesy Signing industry".0
01/24/2012To IAC in Michigan re: Altisource0
01/24/2012Tech problem...5
01/24/2012Paragon Settlement Services in Monroeville, PA.0
01/24/2012If you have a Website these questions are for you7
01/24/2012Investment property4
01/24/2012Closing Fees Listed on the HUD11
01/24/2012American Signing Services, Newport, CA1
01/24/2012Got a call from Global Notary tonight for a noon closing for9
01/25/2012...this is for Melissa who lost her BFF...0
01/25/2012need a texas ack and jurat please...thx! n/m4
01/25/2012Right Now Notary G/B/U?0
01/25/2012SLC Services, LLC1
01/25/2012Very Frusterating...19
01/25/2012NY Mobile Notary or NY Fingerprinting - g/b/u?0
01/25/2012Consumer Title2
01/25/2012time share4
01/25/2012SS being honest!6
01/25/2012The Scheduling Desk10
01/26/2012Looks like tonight is going to be last minute deals for me2
01/26/2012Has anyone heard of Simple Signings in Orange, CA0
01/26/2012Atlantic Signing Services Florida0
01/26/2012Please Tell Me This Is Not A Dream!5
01/26/2012New Jersey Notaries0
01/26/2012FieldChoice G/B/U7
01/26/2012Signing/Title Companies should know state laws3
01/26/2012Question Re HARP 2.0 "What makes May 31, 2009 so special?0
01/26/2012Help me - Notarize a trust?32
01/26/2012Pac doc Sign aka Pacific Document Signing Inc.2
01/26/2012Weird, creepy and oh boy....21
01/26/2012Tutorial for silencing unwanted SS calls.11
01/26/20125 closing day, turned down about 10 and then I get a call9
01/27/2012FL Public Official Code of Ethics0
01/27/2012Walk on recordings in Michigan and Ohio3
01/27/2012One deal today3
01/27/2012Low Pay fees8
01/27/2012Pet story to end all pet stories11
01/27/2012North Coast Closer, Westlake, Ohio0
01/27/2012The last 10 pages of the docs did not print well.16
01/27/2012Very slow month with only a few lined up for12
01/27/2012Can someone share with me the person/address3
01/27/2012Traditional Title0
01/27/2012SOX aka SIGN ON THE X4
01/27/2012New to forum8
01/27/2012No Dinner and Driving For Me Tonight.....7
01/27/2012Act Like A Business15
01/27/2012No copy for you!10
01/28/2012Split signing6
01/28/2012ServiceLink - File #s starting with "1"3
01/28/2012Notary Stamp6
01/28/2012Structured Settlements for $70.009
01/28/2012I think sticking to our guns is working3
01/28/2012News from the UPS notary front17
01/28/2012Notary Publics are public officials!!!!!9
01/28/2012Dual tray printer!20
01/29/2012Borrower questions rate14
01/29/2012Notary To Go (for newbies)17
01/30/2012North American Signing3
01/30/2012Newbies for VA3
01/30/2012More competition for GNW5
01/30/2012GRES/ Greenbelt Real Estate Services, Melville NY4
01/30/2012Managing Signings?9
01/30/2012When borrowers cancel17
01/31/2012Easy Business forms2
01/31/20125 star rating...what does that mean---be on your game NSA's9
01/31/2012toner problems/Brother Laser Jet5
01/31/2012Nightmare closing18
01/31/2012SandcastlesFS...$15.00 to deliver a letter of default6
01/31/2012"Is there a training course available for those that scan8
01/31/2012Trying to cut cost is not easy any suggestions?6
01/31/2012adobe issues9
01/31/2012Brother Printer techies, I need help!13
01/31/2012Non-date sensitive docs question.13
01/31/2012Hammermill Letter Size Paper Sale @ Staples4
01/31/2012Single Source Select3
01/31/2012Has the eSigning business started to pickup again? My first2
01/31/2012Has anyone been audited for NSA business?8
01/31/2012Docs Direct Inc. - gbu? n/m0
01/31/ 2.5 stars - anyone know why???12
01/31/2012Seneca One2
01/31/2012Thank you GOLDGIRL/CA3

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