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Welcome to the Notary Discussion archive for April, 2010, where you can find answers to many notary questions, information on signing services and title companies and expert advice on signing agent issues. This archive is current as of 12/31/2013.
April, 2010
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DateTopic# Replies
04/01/2010Has anybody heard about this?18
04/01/2010ServiceLink requiring updated background check2
04/01/2010Where do you place your embosser?9
04/01/2010Hi, I'm new :)11
04/01/2010Thinking about E&O...56
04/01/2010Staples paper sale: $22/case/letter2
04/01/2010NLC e-mail today...9
04/01/2010Choose your domain name(s) wisely.18
04/01/2010Make sure you get your fee in writing.....2
04/01/2010Amtrust video tutorial??6
04/01/2010Tampa Bay Closings (TBC)/Totally Beyond Compare1
04/01/2010Websites - Make sure yours is up if you use Office Live2
04/01/2010April fools call2
04/01/2010Did I make the right call?19
04/01/2010I am going to go crazy if I hear one more person say...14
04/02/2010At Home Signings5
04/02/2010Texas Signing Agent questions11
04/02/2010Reverse Mortgages12
04/02/2010Notary Direct0
04/02/2010I've had it! I am just going to run my business my way!10
04/02/2010CA SA's: Loan modification app question6
04/02/2010Is Vista National SS the same as Pacific Doc Services, out3
04/02/2010There is signing and then there is signing0
04/02/2010Signature Notary Services ( Bad Checks) !!!!!!!2
04/02/2010HP Printers4
04/02/2010LSI Title14
04/02/2010Why even bother with a login?0
04/02/2010Stingy SS4
04/02/2010"Just" a Notary17
04/02/2010notary journal17
04/03/2010My tax man said "what could a Notary possibly be sued for?"14
04/03/2010Negative LO8
04/03/2010All-in-One printer10
04/03/2010Wonder if I should have charged more?8
04/03/2010Anti Spyware program may have cauesed computer crashes10
04/03/20102-3 hr appointments2
04/03/2010HAPPY EASTER15
04/04/2010Was the bar open last night? Or is it me?11
04/04/2010100 upscale business cards for $4.86 shipping9
04/04/2010I love my old XP 640m Inspiron, but I think it's dying.7
04/04/2010All these Arizonans think they actually felt an earthquake!7
04/04/2010Did Harry stop selling business cards.3
04/05/2010Is Paperport Scanning Software for free anywhere?6
04/05/2010Proof positive that it really doesn't matter what we13
04/05/2010OT/For all appraisers, RE Agents or even "just" a Notary7
04/05/2010Paper sale at Quills - Hammermill n/m1
04/05/2010Is anyone getting loan modificaions,5
04/05/2010Question for NY state14
04/05/2010I am going to b uy that VuPoint Scanner today.8
04/05/2010What do you charge for simple notary services?26
04/05/2010Consumer Title/Erin Doskocil Ripped Off? Email me2
04/05/2010Subpeona Services4
04/05/2010Property Tax lien Company2
04/05/2010Anything recent on this company6
04/05/2010OT: Home Owners Insurance Quote15
04/05/2010I am soooo glad I am a notary and a signing agent4
04/05/2010more WEIRD phone calls6
04/05/2010Played w/ Apple/Mac Ipad today! OMG!2
04/06/2010Any udated information on Mortgage Settlement Network3
04/06/2010Reverse Mortgage purchases11
04/06/2010Notary Agreements1
04/06/2010tech help please0
04/06/2010Disclaimer Advice for Inspections1
04/06/2010LDS Signing Co. Houston, TX1
04/06/2010Commission Renewal for Florida8
04/06/2010VuPoint Scanner assessment Part 22
04/06/2010There oughtta be a (CA) law! ....7
04/06/2010Remember the H1N1 signing?9
04/06/2010NKA story (long - part 1)17
04/07/2010OT: Beware of the new Cisco Valet routers!3
04/07/2010Curious about client profile/structure of business0
04/07/2010Notary Near You, Inc1
04/07/2010Closers connect.com7
04/07/2010CT notaries to watch ...43
04/07/2010NCC - Nationwide Closing Connection - Anyone Owed $$ ?4
04/07/2010consumer title / signature signings15
04/07/2010Request for a Confidential Marriage Certificate6
04/07/2010not getting paid29
04/07/ heading on docs2
04/07/2010alternative ways of making money....?? Public Insurance Adj.11
04/07/2010Notary journals3
04/07/2010Field Pros/AAA Mobile DNA - anyone have any experience ??1
04/07/2010I just turned down a job3
04/07/2010Update on J.Lowe Diversified/ Pompano Beach Florida? n/m0
04/07/2010Consumer Title3
04/07/2010Question for you tax experts out there: My sister is on8
04/08/2010TRG - recent EMail about new forms?7
04/08/2010Anyone get the Titleserv email about monthly NSA Call?1
04/08/2010Thank you Shoshanna coupon received! N/M n/m1
04/08/2010Quick question - only have 15 mins then I have to tear out8
04/08/2010Anyone work with Vanguard Title out of Camden, NJ?0
04/08/2010late fees8
04/08/2010Beware! Fairfax Signings now Normad Signings n/m13
04/08/2010Just got a call fom closersconnect.com4
04/08/2010Will and Power of Attorney9
04/08/2010Top 2 idiot notaries of the day24
04/08/2010UPS sucks14
04/08/2010A Notary Now, A Notary Right Now-Brian Harris0
04/08/2010Mobile Closers Plus Tarpon Springs Fl7
04/08/2010What constitutes a non-borrowing spopuse?16
04/08/2010Experiences with Crystal Title Agency, Woodbridge, NJ ?0
04/08/2010name on loan docs for spouse does not match her ca id4
04/08/2010Back Dating , a hot topic.7
04/09/2010The "needless" notary assn does it again46
04/09/2010CA Notaries: The SOS has added a notice about processing...2
04/09/2010consumer title0
04/09/2010consumer title7
04/09/2010On Call On Site Closings update . . .0
04/09/2010FYI New York State Apostilles & Authorications ...0
04/09/2010Finiti Title--social security number11
04/09/2010Ever heard of Banovo? n/m7
04/09/2010Real puzzler here - Got a 1099 today from Safe Harbor Home,9
04/09/2010National Real Estate Information Services, Pittsburgh8
04/09/2010legal vs letter22
04/09/2010American Freedom Assurance Title4
04/09/2010What would you have done in this instance?24
04/09/2010Don't know about you'z, but I've got the loan mods blues!1
04/09/2010Kind of a slap in the face by ss.11
04/09/2010loan modification appln9
04/09/2010What's the difference between an NP and JP in NH?1
04/09/2010Free stuff4
04/09/2010new notary quick question/urgent11
04/09/2010Renewing commission in CA4
04/10/2010MDA Lending Solutions in Charlotte NC6
04/10/2010Don't call the borrowers25
04/10/2010Banks top the list with most complaints with BBB0
04/10/2010Wow they got me19
04/10/2010Call from recruiter, military requesting..3
04/10/2010Anyone know what's happening with DocPros?9
04/10/2010Just wondering.....32
04/10/2010Something new afoot...not exactly a loan-mod but...13
04/10/2010Wells Fargo modifications13
04/11/2010Faxing back documents17
04/11/20108.5X11 paper deal2
04/11/2010Office Live website question4
04/11/2010From "13 Things Your Plumber Won't Tell You":3
04/11/2010Just Breaking in to the signing business...17
04/11/2010One more question...1
04/11/2010I go to Census School tomorrow!!22
04/11/2010Thank you all so much and a question (printer)17
04/12/2010I need a RE Attorney recommendation in the Sacramento area..2
04/12/2010E-verify I9 forms...seeking suggestions for fees to charge..2
04/12/2010family members as a witness32
04/12/2010Shauna, Anita and Kari our newest members just curious7
04/12/2010Mobile Signing Connection, FL G/B/U?2
04/12/2010Anything recent on AFA Title in Pennsylvania?1
04/12/2010CT Notaries: What's the status of Raised Bill No. 435?1
04/12/2010Professional settlements4
04/12/2010Has anyone worked with DTI Settlement in Maryland?7
04/12/2010Any Info on This Company Questions7
04/12/2010Loan Mods for Oregon Notaries1
04/12/2010embossor seal23
04/12/2010Track ISP #9
04/12/2010ATS Document Services1
04/12/2010The Doc Signers, Scottsdale, AZ3
04/12/20108.5X11 paper deal13
04/12/2010What is the best NSA course that you have attended?5
04/12/2010California Attorney Accused of Loan Modification Scam11
04/13/2010Need Your Input6
04/13/2010I feel like a Ditz asking this question but5
04/13/2010New Signing Agent1
04/13/2010Notarization opportunity9
04/13/2010The mailman just delivered another Census form11
04/13/2010Maryland Closing agents2
04/13/2010Great Toner Prices4
04/13/2010For Il and Wi agents24
04/13/2010U.S. Certified Signers - nine months later12
04/13/201012 RTC1
04/13/2010HELP PLEASE.7
04/13/2010Low Ball30
04/13/2010HP 2430dtn Laserjet Cartridge7
04/13/2010Having Signing Need a Quick Answer Fast8
04/13/2010NOTROT Not #1 Anymore?9
04/13/2010Sig Lines and ID's21
04/14/2010Bank of America exec: 'Considerable number' will lose homes0
04/14/2010Sign at a local business re: proper ID2
04/14/2010Troubleshooting during E-closings1
04/14/2010N3 Notary Public, Portland, OR11
04/14/2010Premier Signing Services out of OH6
04/14/2010Just curious as to how fellow notaries would handle this....12
04/14/2010help please3
04/14/2010New Staples paper deal6
04/14/2010Global Discoveries, Ltd is not on SC4
04/14/2010National Real Estate Information Services18
04/14/2010Cal notaries - Help!!38
04/14/2010Charm etc27
04/14/2010Embosser Question15
04/15/2010Doc Signers, n/m2
04/15/2010Doc Signers, Inc9
04/15/ for foreclosure updates2
04/15/2010Interesting....and I know this has been discussed before...0
04/15/2010HELP - .pdf claims I need to install a printer3
04/15/2010Resolution Finance0
04/15/2010Maryland closers there are new regulations2
04/15/2010MSG #331584. CA SOS Says No7
04/15/2010Urban Settlement Services, LLC3
04/15/2010Teriel Closing Solutions6
04/15/2010Half way thru April...I'm not seeing the surge promised16
04/15/2010poa ion tennessee4
04/15/2010Can we say UPL???20
04/15/2010The Chase Push15
04/15/2010anybody work 4 yet? not me n/m5
04/16/2010iMac Computer9
04/16/2010I got my first4
04/16/2010SecoLink Closing0
04/16/2010Just Rec'd the Folloing E-Mail from SecoLink4
04/16/2010OT: Laura V8
04/16/2010Goldman Sachs in hot water....3
04/16/2010Greenberg Mellinger Notary G/B/U?2
04/16/2010Help fast please gibberish when I look at the file7
04/16/2010why is it so hard for some SS to accept the fact that I11
04/16/2010Got my letter today for class action suit ag. Countrywide1
04/16/2010Talk about "certifying capacity"...33
04/16/2010No number for borrower16
04/17/2010Borrowers totally screwed up my night35
04/17/2010Professional Signing Service3
04/17/2010Printing Question6
04/17/2010Consumer Title Services Paid6
04/17/2010Nations Direct6
04/17/2010Does NotRot have the hiccups?9
04/18/2010Question about other opportunities5
04/18/2010I can't find that business card link. (Phillip's link)4
04/18/2010HAPPY EARTH WEEK!18
04/18/2010Good paper deal5
04/18/2010Pen 2 Paper: g/b/u? Nothing in SigningCentral. Thanks! n/m2
04/18/2010Into this decade: Tethering5
04/18/2010$12.11 for two cases 8.5X11 shipped after $32 rebate.3
04/18/2010extra acknowledgments25
04/18/2010Notary Pro1
04/19/2010Screeching Halt3
04/19/2010Is anyone having issues with fas17
04/19/2010ID question19
04/19/2010Title Resource Group Mission Viego, CA1
04/19/2010That's Title Resource Group out of Mission Viejo, CA.1
04/19/2010Handy reference for FL notaries0
04/19/2010expanding on your thread: Michigan Bar Plain English Ack7
04/19/2010Time Zones . . Unbelievable!7
04/19/2010Fed Ex Office19
04/19/2010NREIS update3
04/19/2010Lender Vend - g/b/u6
04/19/2010Tomorrow all be cautious on the roads24
04/19/2010Just got a call from Urban Lending Solutions1
04/19/2010Self-study re: Florida notaries printing name under sig14
04/19/2010Any Jobs10
04/20/2010FASS and other low ball companys4
04/20/2010B-O-O-OM, BOOM SHUDDER2
04/20/2010Surprise Rain!1
04/20/2010Hammermill Paper- Great Deal!7
04/20/2010Beware Notaries and Signing Co.s4
04/20/2010Lifetime Notary Commission6
04/20/2010How long do you keep the orders from closings?15
04/20/2010Speedy paid14
04/20/2010Paid by Erin Doskocil0
04/20/2010Time to renew my CA commission, suggestions?6
04/20/2010Has anyone closed for someone famous???36
04/20/2010Anyone Know 909-271-0141, nothing listed in who called me.2
04/20/2010Finish Line2
04/20/2010refusing to notarize a document...43
04/20/2010HC Financial0
04/20/2010Were they raised in a barn?21
04/21/2010regarding a blind signer.8
04/21/2010I thought you were only allowed 1 membership/profile?8
04/21/2010OT Anyone else having issues viewing pages here?8
04/21/2010Nations Direct5
04/21/2010Equity National--best company!2
04/21/2010Beware of National Vendor Solutions, FL11
04/21/2010American Field Pros3
04/21/2010N3 - National Notary Network? - latest5
04/21/2010Look for another company to show some losses?9
04/21/2010WA Notaries--looking for a manual recommendation4
04/21/2010Name Identity affidavit8
04/21/2010Knighten Mobile Notary4
04/21/2010Escrow docs vs. Loan docs length?5
04/21/2010Signing Pro? Andrew? g/b/u? nothing on signing central4
04/21/2010Backdating Makes the News -- New types of mortgage fraud13
04/21/2010Taking charge part II17
04/21/2010Notary Signing5
04/21/2010anyone know Pro Title Group in IL3
04/21/2010How many times will you notarize a certain person's20
04/21/2010Dear signing agent4
04/21/2010Dear signing agent0
04/21/2010Sorry about the double post--I don't know what happened. n/m1
04/21/2010Mortgage Connect3
04/22/2010Clear Capital4
04/22/2010ATTN: CHICAGO NOTARIES...if your commission expires 12/20118
04/22/2010AZ Notaries15
04/22/2010Consumer Title - Erin Doskocil - Signature Notary Services10
04/22/2010slow printing9
04/22/2010What would you do21
04/22/2010angeis--mission viejo me search=nada..... n/m3
04/22/2010I am a new member4
04/22/20103.8% Real Estate Federal Tax may not help business8
04/22/2010NPBC Background check6
04/22/2010$1.00 cartridge refills today ,4/22 at Walgreen's0
04/22/2010Some of this, some of that9
04/22/2010Fee Question for PA Notaries: Gas Leases and Amendments3
04/22/201024/7 NNN aka 24-7NNN.Com aka Tracy Brawner ...6
04/22/201024/7 The Nationwide Notary Network (N3)1
04/22/2010Shipping: Just in case any new people wonder ...21
04/22/2010CT Notaries: Any news on Raised Bill No. 435?2
04/23/2010new to this but saw comment1
04/23/2010It was such a nice letter!11
04/23/2010Santillano Signing Services? not in SS n/m1
04/23/2010If you could change your state's notary laws...52
04/23/2010Silk Abstrack6
04/23/2010am i blind?...why can't i find the BGC on this site?........ n/m3
04/23/2010Notary Journal Requirements25
04/23/2010Do you have a table for your scheduled signing?19
04/23/2010Marriage Certificate Corrections4
04/23/2010It's not about the $1.003
04/23/2010Signing Pros1
04/23/2010Anderson Chase Financial0
04/23/2010Notary Pro Kudos!4
04/23/2010am I being a princess?6
04/23/2010Sylvia, are you online and may I ask you a question? n/m1
04/23/2010Prism Title12
04/23/2010spell check and use of proper and professional grammar....8
04/23/2010I see the other thread has been closed...but,18
04/23/2010Question about the mobile notary service14
04/23/2010Oh, I am rrrrusty!7
04/23/2010Pacific Document Services in Livermore, CA0
04/23/2010Real Estate Mortgage Network, Inc NJ0
04/24/2010Longest Signing Award?5
04/24/2010State of Nevada statue11
04/24/2010Why didn't I do this sooner??!!44
04/24/2010OT: Our national Anthem. I would suggest that you26
04/24/2010Maryland Notary Publics and TPL Closing agents6
04/24/2010NotRot - Thanks Again1
04/24/2010need an opinion34
04/24/2010Did a closing, got paid (no problem there)16
04/24/2010Is it me or are the loan packages getting bigger this month?13
04/24/2010TruClose Financial1
04/24/201015% off----Inkjet Superstore0
04/24/2010Data in used copiers - talk about breach of privacy!8
04/24/2010Good bye - farewell. It's been a fun ride but no longer. n/m28
04/25/20101003 app (no co-borrower)54
04/25/2010Important Fact about Signature by Mark (x)5
04/25/2010Anyone remember the lawsuit against FedEx and the notary20
04/25/2010IMO, the following is why certain low baller SS and TC's3
04/25/2010For John... everybody dance now...10
04/26/2010JM Closings/Jonathan Means2
04/26/2010EOM - painfully slow. 1 closing today thus far. Others? n/m12
04/26/2010Centralia WA0
04/26/2010Nations Direct et al10
04/26/2010Best "Out of Office" Automatic Replies2
04/26/2010XYZ called me today5
04/26/2010Any IL notary familiar w/doing notarizations at 28th & Calif0
04/26/2010SLOW ??? Realestate Agents doubling as NSAs11
04/26/2010Just turned down a closing...7
04/26/2010Expried ID with Renewal slip ????30
04/26/2010So unprofessional for a title company to5
04/26/2010I'm so tired of companies using out of the country2
04/26/2010True Concepts Title0
04/26/2010Anyone done any work for True Concepts Title?10
04/26/2010Any work with Clear Title out of Winchester, KY?0
04/26/2010Work from Title companies4
04/26/2010Expired Notary Stamps9
04/26/2010Signing in pencil7
04/26/2010LSI Fee Verifications4
04/26/2010need to vent..26
04/26/2010docs still not here and the appt was 45 minutes ago-- grrrrr11
04/26/2010John has the best idea of the year - hit the road, and7
04/27/2010Great to work with!8
04/27/2010About mistakes ...2
04/27/2010Being a new Notary Public is harder than expected...34
04/27/2010Signing Source0
04/27/2010C J Signing1
04/27/2010Chase Title, Inc. payment issues6
04/27/2010Local notary asked the borrower to pre-date12
04/27/2010Slow Slow Slow...30
04/27/2010Anyone ever heard of this16
04/27/2010NO calls9
04/27/2010Hospitals & Elderly Homes21
04/27/2010Goldman Sachs, Greece downgrade to Junk, & Portugal downgrad1
04/27/ (under construction)12
04/27/2010what would you do?27
04/27/2010Does 4Notary 4 Notary - Rich Kim owe you $$ ?10
04/27/2010Consumer Title - Erin Doskill5
04/27/2010Fed Ex # Secured Lending Services2
04/27/2010getting paid8
04/28/2010What is a reasonable wait time?5
04/28/2010Nations Sig Closers Strikes Again!3
04/28/2010At Home Signings taking 60days to pay. n/m0
04/28/2010Need some 'footwork' done in Manhattan (NYC)3
04/28/2010CRAIGS LIST POSTING..... any thoughts??17
04/28/2010East Coast Settlement2
04/28/2010va requirements for notarizing a note?12
04/28/2010ID Expiration Exemption25
04/28/2010Statewide Document Services, Indianapolis, IN8
04/28/2010changes to CAR contract, effective today...3
04/28/2010Mobile Notary Fees9
04/28/2010Stewart Lender Services process fee?10
04/28/2010General rule for general notary work-travel fees?20
04/28/2010Stall tactic??15
04/28/2010Singing more NotRot Praise4
04/29/2010Golly gee wiz, I hope I didn't mess up...Did I?18
04/29/2010VuPoint Magic Wand Scanner19
04/29/2010Geniune Title 1155 Dolfield Blvd Owings Mills, MD 211177
04/29/2010New Millennium Title Groupț in Texas11
04/29/2010Stewart Lender Services update on fees19
04/29/2010Funny signing story. Had a signing the other nite, Mr was10
04/29/2010Finding new work9
04/29/2010Bi Lingual notary Network4
04/29/2010We've all heard line "Pay the Lady!" I say, "Pay the Notary2
04/29/2010And you are?????? The Mystery Company10
04/29/2010Adobe 9.310
04/29/2010The Signing Agents, LLC0
04/30/2010How do you handle "time off?"12
04/30/2010Need Company Info4
04/30/2010Filthy and smelly house24
04/30/2010Signing requests takes a nose dive5
04/30/2010Expert Signings3
04/30/2010SS shop around for the cheapest notary15
04/30/2010Grr, not sure how to word this..6
04/30/2010State of Washington27
04/30/2010a wonderful way to start my friday...(a rant)3
04/30/2010Coast Cities Escrow/JD Signing Services2
04/30/2010Online toner coupon0
04/30/2010Paying a Signing Service to be listed.7
04/30/2010no good deed goes unpunished11
04/30/2010P2015 printer2
04/30/2010Any exp. with Express Closing...Cleveland, OH...g/b/u? n/m1
04/30/2010Gmail phones numbers4
04/30/2010Suffix of Sr. and not on ID45
04/30/2010"House of Cards" - a quasi-documentary7
04/30/2010Wedding officiants, I need a marriage certificate7
04/30/2010Blood pressure probably is up today.13
04/30/2010background checks3

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