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View Notary Discussion from June, 2011
Welcome to the Notary Discussion archive for June, 2011, where you can find answers to many notary questions, information on signing services and title companies and expert advice on signing agent issues. This archive is current as of 12/31/2013.
June, 2011
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DateTopic# Replies
06/01/2011General Notary Work..guidance needed46
06/01/2011LSI work....How often do they pay?9
06/01/2011Notary Rotary rocks!2
06/02/2011Do you know what your business costs?14
06/02/2011Goldman Sachs under fire FINALLY!2
06/02/2011Notary Near You2
06/02/2011Great deal on laser all-in-one.....10
06/02/2011Very Very Bad Company10
06/02/2011Performance Closings5
06/02/2011Rates down but still quiet phone11
06/02/2011Wow! $50 for closing in Kissimmee with e-docs!3
06/02/2011JVI Inspection Services, an Inspection Management Company ba n/m0
06/02/2011JVI Inspection Services1
06/02/2011Here we go again!!39
06/02/2011Nationwide Closing Service6
06/02/2011hp printers15
06/02/2011And this is why we stick our fees and professionalism!!13
06/03/2011Re: ink or new stamp12
06/03/2011Paper deal at Staples:2
06/03/2011Notary role in obtaining an Apostille?6
06/03/2011Synching iPhone to laptop9
06/03/2011Not one phone call, not one e-mail, no requests5
06/03/2011Brother or HP Laser Jet printer...???3
06/03/2011Routh Crabtree Olsen, PS, Bellevue, WA3
06/03/2011half of a lousy mo. of hiring was done by big mac0
06/03/2011Mortgage Connect lowers prices9
06/03/2011u.s. legal services group g/b/u? On the phone now -4
06/03/2011Has anyone done one of these? Hope this has not been10
06/03/2011Get off the clearance rack.12
06/04/2011ZIP Code Radius Finder and Search:6
06/04/2011Date Change7
06/04/2011Brother Laser printer4
06/04/2011opinins please!5
06/04/2011That's what I thought2
06/04/2011Lucy the Chihuahua won't be going FedEx anymore.6
06/04/2011This is great, homeowners forecloses on bank.10
06/05/2011FAX service22
06/05/2011Elder abuse prevention15
06/05/2011Low ball fees10
06/06/2011No Webcam Appearance List (Rhode Island says "No.")9
06/06/2011Foreclosing on the foreclosers0
06/06/2011computer tech help please14
06/06/2011Translating & notarizing birth certificate Help3
06/06/2011Integrity Closing & Notary Services, LLC4
06/06/2011DMW Notary Services, Corona, CA6
06/06/2011N3 Notary12
06/06/2011National Homestead, Inc Wellesley Hills MA (out of Buss)?2
06/06/2011Anyone else having to beg for their hard-earned $$???11
06/06/2011Every now and then, you just gotta bust out...4
06/06/2011Register for the SoCal Notary Network Event3
06/07/2011Ink Slab and Roller Desktop Fingerprinting Kit for Sale2
06/07/2011Finally came up with an answer for the "Notary Public" vs.2
06/07/2011Performance Closings in San Diego2
06/07/2011Slow times15
06/07/2011DocX in hot water5
06/07/2011The Dynamic Group10
06/07/2011Verizon Wireless Data service is down in my area of CA2
06/07/201120 depressing facts about the housing market1
06/07/2011On the Heals of 20 Depressing Things about the Housing mkt0
06/07/2011Help needed; where can I get a background search on an2
06/07/2011TX HELOC Closings not @ lender, title or atty office? CURE6
06/07/2011Maybe a little OT, but need some help. Maybe someone else8
06/07/2011Bella Homes, LLC g/b/u?4
06/07/2011Cash Call advertising 125% second loans6
06/07/2011Realtor was amazed that I swore35
06/08/2011Moneywatch on why now is a great time to buy a home!0
06/08/2011Calif Notaries who have renewed their comm, Journal question5
06/08/2011Rate Lock Mortgage update on applications.0
06/08/2011Sweet Justice0
06/08/2011Pay Pal4
06/08/2011Outside my county15
06/08/2011Superior Closings/Vikki Gutierrez0
06/08/2011Piggyback loans... do any of you give discounts to your SS's20
06/08/2011Servicelink ATM2
06/08/2011Final Link Closings3
06/08/2011Need updated payment info on NREIS in Pittsburgh8
06/08/2011I do I find a list of dead beat vendors?8
06/08/2011Has this happened to anyone?3
06/08/2011Color Laser Printer3
06/08/2011WOW, Heres one!8
06/08/2011Reassignment To Another Notary10
06/08/2011ServieLink - New Lower Fee18
06/08/2011Point Break Escrow Costa Mesa CA g/b/u3
06/08/2011Official Site16
06/09/2011Message Deleted5
06/09/2011HELP! I need help building my notary business.32
06/09/2011What's the story with National Signing Agent Registry?? n/m15
06/09/2011Really Sad21
06/09/2011Auto Insurance4
06/09/2011Provident Funding Assoc.3
06/09/2011You know you're staying home when13
06/09/2011Any one have the latest coupon for LD Products.3
06/09/2011assured closing services1
06/09/2011Collateral Assessment Report (CAR) inspection10
06/09/2011Fingerprinting in Tampa Bay8
06/10/2011Good Morning NotRot notaries - Friday 6/10/1110
06/10/2011Yesterday! Amazing!0
06/10/2011Experience with LSI19
06/10/2011FWIW Because I had nothing to do S/C Stats 2011 vs 201012
06/10/2011Remember it is "Notary Public" not "Notario Publico"2
06/10/2011techie help10
06/10/2011I got that call from Servicelink11
06/10/2011Title Source -vs- Title Source6
06/10/2011Platinum? G/B/U??4
06/10/2011Question for Florida notaries9
06/10/2011Venting - ever notice how some SS act as if this is a8
06/10/2011Tn Signing Agent1
06/10/2011Scanning & Faxing?8
06/10/2011I need to convert a PDF file to a Word document, can someone7
06/10/2011Debt Elimination Retainer1
06/10/2011What is the average fee charged by notary for loan closing? n/m1
06/11/2011Howdy all - This is my Official Announcement of Retirement:35
06/11/2011I DIDN'T GET PAID - WHAT CAN I DO??28
06/11/2011Good Morning NotRot Notaries - 6/11/20114
06/11/2011truly mobile closings2
06/11/2011overseas buyer cannot find notary13
06/11/2011Is it too much to ask?9
06/12/2011"We need a W-9" legit excuse? or3
06/12/2011Good Morning NotRot Notaries - 6/12/20114
06/12/2011National mortgage fraud scandal spreads to the judiciary1
06/12/2011Square Credit Card Reader8
06/12/2011For DIYers: iPhone car diagnostics app4
06/12/2011Request for title attorney information - Superior Closing.3
06/12/2011Cutting telephone costs12
06/12/2011Uh oh. iPhone = deadZone. It won't take a charge. Not from3
06/13/2011Good Morning NotRot Notaries - Monday 6/13/20116
06/13/2011Does anyone have a coupon for ink warehouse? TIA2
06/13/2011New AZ Notary Law Changes to take effect 7/20/111
06/13/2011Nationwide Closing Connection - filed complaint today w/ the0
06/13/2011Thanks to all who post on this site.4
06/13/2011Worked at an event yesterday where a notary1
06/13/2011Any one work with Specialized Notary in Petaluma?5
06/13/2011I hope every is current13
06/13/201124 Hour Escrow Notary, LLC11
06/13/2011Notary payment via PayPal?9
06/13/2011Gold Coast Document Srv/AKA, Mission Viejo, CA0
06/13/2011Attn WI Notaries2
06/13/2011Just starting4
06/13/2011Will there ever be light at the end of the tunnel?10
06/13/2011This is funny...11
06/13/2011Weird notary story4
06/14/2011still waiting on my frist singing5
06/14/2011Ok, it is definitely time to make a new Msg 3332519
06/14/2011Good Morning NotRot Notaries - 06/14/20113
06/14/2011Boa printing4
06/14/2011Superior Notary Signing Service2
06/14/2011Foreign Passport w/o Homeland Security3
06/14/2011IMortgage, Pittsburgh, PA0
06/14/2011Power of attorney signings4
06/14/2011Two short stories19
06/14/2011Utah Notary Laws-No Escrow License required at loan closings5
06/14/2011If this is old news, I'll apologize in advance: A Newbie0
06/14/20111 Hour Signings9
06/14/2011how does one increase his "candidate rating" on NOTROT? n/m2
06/14/2011Not a good sign1
06/15/2011What would you do?6
06/15/2011Help Me! Im a nervous wreck!30
06/15/2011Metro Lender Services0
06/15/2011Good Morning NotRot Notaries - 6/15/20115
06/15/2011My fees are my fees6
06/15/2011Testing, testing, where did SnoopdogMS go? n/m5
06/15/2011Looking for info on Data Quick4
06/15/2011Free basic business cards from Staples1
06/15/2011Rating the Notary? Equity National Title13
06/15/2011Market snape shot from Rate Aleat from TBWS3
06/15/2011Mortgage Information Systems, Cleveland, Ohio5
06/15/2011Anyone work with Providence Title1
06/15/2011What a day I am having today lol9
06/15/2011NoN-Payment RE: Cogent Closing Associates1
06/15/2011Take good news where you can find it. Mortgage apps up...1
06/15/2011Rash of new notaries lately...ever notice9
06/15/2011Why does BofA5
06/15/2011iPhone App8
06/15/2011Speaking of Servicelink9
06/15/2011Jan Mondragon - All Service...8
06/16/2011Metro Lender Services2
06/16/2011re: still waiting on my first signing6
06/16/2011Is Genuine Title aka SOX?19
06/16/2011Good Morning NotRot Notaries - 6/16/20113
06/16/2011Refusal to Notarize15
06/16/2011When Does it Make Sense to Walk Away from Your Home20
06/16/2011anybody know whose number this is?1
06/16/2011general notary work6
06/16/2011I sure wish Northstar Notary would pay me!! n/m1
06/16/2011Celebrating 10 years of service & all invoices paid :)8
06/16/2011What amount of errors and omissions insurance do you have?13
06/16/2011Does anyone know the requirements for a marriage in Mexico?12
06/16/2011LSA Title in Vienna, VA? Jill Grossman or Steve Dervenis?4
06/16/2011HP 3330 scanner bulb6
06/16/2011When to take a Walk Away from your Underwater Mortgage9
06/17/2011Florida notaries - did anyone notice that our birth years8
06/17/2011Good Morning NotRot Notaries - 6/17/20114
06/17/2011Wells Fargo exits the Reverse Mortgage Business n/m5
06/17/2011Speedy Closing and Title Services. Paid as promised20
06/17/2011reinvigorating my notary signing services3
06/17/2011there's someone offering 2.625%5
06/17/2011Wells Fargo has stopped underwriting Reverse Mtgs5
06/17/2011Geniune Title (MD) is alive and kicking...10
06/17/2011Filling out app with Data Quick n/m4
06/17/2011One Step forward and two steps backwards.16
06/17/2011A question for TX notaries6
06/17/2011Another slow week8
06/17/2011ID Question... I'm stumped by this one.8
06/17/2011Attention California Notaries10
06/17/2011All Service - Jan Mondragon4
06/17/2011anyone know anything on PowerLink in PA n/m4
06/17/2011Will I get a call one Day :( ???10
06/18/2011PSS Owings Mills, MD ?? any info?? Good, Bad, Just Ugly n/m0
06/18/2011Accommodation Recording Agreement9
06/18/2011Good Morning NotRot Notaries - 6/18/20115
06/18/2011Will interest rates rise after June 30?2
06/18/2011To the Newbies22
06/18/2011Mid Month Run on RMs3
06/18/2011Jim Coffey at Trans State Services39
06/18/2011Weird signing yesterday...6
06/19/2011Good Morning NotRot Notaries - especially Father's 6/19/20111
06/19/2011One More Thing:5
06/19/2011WTH? We should be like Dubai? [Online Notarizations]7
06/19/2011HAMP a dismal failure6
06/20/2011Good Morning NotRot Notaries - 6/20/20115
06/20/2011About online notarizations...23
06/20/2011Have you heard of this company?2
06/20/2011Signing Central Works, people...9
06/20/2011Posted without comment. but , as Arte Johnson used to say9
06/20/2011Notary on the Run5
06/20/2011Another One Bites the Dust. R.E.T.S.25
06/20/2011Yet another interseting story1
06/20/2011US Notary Service, LLC?5
06/20/2011NSC- The Audacity16
06/20/2011Who else got an email from NSC regarding their Annual Fee5
06/20/2011Signing the Blind21
06/20/2011Premier member1
06/20/2011Don't Use This Company2
06/20/2011Bad Notary Manners16
06/20/2011Title Source in Michigan4
06/20/2011All Information on SoCal Notary Networking Event for July 300
06/21/2011Good Morning Not Rot Notaries - 6/21/20115
06/21/2011Repercussions from low-ball SA's, newbies, and others(?)7
06/21/2011So This is what I Want to Know34
06/21/2011Need help finding a good loan officer11
06/21/2011Feels like EOM week8
06/21/2011Servicelink-just say "no".11
06/21/2011"Do not tell the borrower that you do not have docs"13
06/21/2011Recommendation for dual tray laser printer?10
06/21/2011Verizon moving away from unlimited data plans16
06/21/2011Alot of these lowballer SSs still get their big fat fees. I62
06/21/2011Cogent out of business?7
06/21/2011Come One Gloriously Great Day9
06/22/2011Good Morning NotRot Notaries - 6/22/20111
06/22/2011JMC Title Agency, Houston, TX - GBU?? n/m1
06/22/2011Priority Notary _ Payment Received5
06/22/2011Metro National Title - SLC, Utah0
06/22/2011Warning - this is a vent ! Ok, so I had a 10 am signing20
06/22/2011Notary Assurance10
06/22/2011Helpful Hint from Heloise3
06/22/2011Is this what the signing business has come to?24
06/22/2011"The Wrong Help Can Hurt" Initiative...3
06/22/2011If it weren't for bad luck.......3
06/22/2011Mortgage Company Incentive?9
06/22/2011anyone have the brother 5370dwt3
06/22/2011NREIS second chance8
06/22/2011Ouch...My wife is closing her refi right now9
06/23/201124 hour listing paying off this month4
06/23/2011Good Morning NotRot Notaries - 6/23/20110
06/23/2011to the eastern shore md ltp closing service links for $656
06/23/2011Acknowledgement and Jurat labels11
06/23/2011Good News.8
06/23/2011Genuine Title7
06/23/2011Settlement Corp/TitleServ still in business??6
06/23/2011Same signing from two different SS's?5
06/23/2011It's that time of month6
06/23/2011No RTC... no help7
06/23/2011I was given the finger by BO!7
06/23/2011Where on this site can we go to look up reverse phone #?3
06/23/2011Notary Embossment request15
06/23/2011Think you have loyalty with TC (or SS)?25
06/23/2011Employees at notary offices strike to get paid4
06/23/2011Signing with Maiden name, but ID shows married name...46
06/23/2011Preferred Choice Escrow2
06/23/2011What do you think?21
06/24/2011Good Morning NotRot Notaries 6/24/20115
06/24/2011Chairman of Subcommittee for Title Insurance Producers @MLTA5
06/24/2011Who can I contact at ServiceLink about payment for a signing5
06/24/2011I sure don't care for the new TIL. It was so easy to show9
06/24/2011I need advice :)7
06/24/2011Just dodged a bullet, thanks Notrot!18
06/24/2011National Mortgage Lending Services, Solana Beach, CA - g/b/u0
06/24/2011Reading thread below...'just dodged a bullet'1
06/24/2011Best day in a very long time. Three more like today would1
06/24/ Offering Pitiful $60 in San Francisco5
06/24/2011Blackberry technical quest. Think I ruined my phone!? HELP!4
06/25/2011E-signings-how much do you charge?4
06/25/2011check this out8
06/25/2011Good Morning NotRot Notaries 6/25/20112
06/25/2011Loan Depot G/B/U ? NO info on SC n/m0
06/25/2011express signatures6
06/25/2011ServiceLink payments19
06/25/2011Electronic Closings11
06/26/2011One of the advantages of printing your own business cards...6
06/26/2011Good Morning NotRot Notaries - 6/26/20113
06/26/2011Pacific Documents Services n/m21
06/26/2011Redraw fee3
06/26/2011Is this the same Jessica Nowlin?12
06/27/2011Final Link & Genuine Title1
06/27/2011Some insights on GLBA practices 'inside'3
06/27/2011Good Morning NotRot Notaries1
06/27/2011A new kind of "outsourcing" in our biz. I had a call to do19
06/27/2011Glenn Strickler5
06/27/2011June was my worst month11
06/27/2011UST Global7
06/27/2011POA with the principle being altered18
06/27/2011ServiceLink, faxbacks, and holding the Docs9
06/27/2011Email received from a lowball SS19
06/27/2011Would several of you please tell me -- verbatim --33
06/27/2011Hello Candance Hart14
06/27/2011Efax service. I am seeing a number of companies that require14
06/27/2011Revenge of the Stiff7
06/27/2011Nationwide Notary Registry??8
06/27/2011Need techie help with Adobe.... aaaarrrggghh7
06/28/2011Good Morning NotRot Notaries - 6/28/20114
06/28/2011Asked to backdate...11
06/28/2011I hope someone here can answer a question for me16
06/28/2011The doc signers15
06/28/2011DMN Business Solutions-Spring, TX4
06/28/2011ProSettlement Services of Ohio3
06/28/2011You know it's slow by what people post n/m3
06/28/2011Some Maryland notaries are advertising they do weddings too.11
06/28/2011My Notary Connection, LLC1
06/28/2011iPhone messaging2
06/28/2011Oh by the way...18
06/28/2011Mobile Notary Network - San Francisco Signing Service0
06/28/2011Family Tree of Vincent VanGogh--good for a few2
06/29/2011POA and changing a will1
06/29/2011last minute closings13
06/29/2011Good Morning NotRot Notaries - 6/29/20115
06/29/2011IL House Bill 33318
06/29/2011Equitable Title of Greater Tampa0
06/29/2011Log-in issues?2
06/29/2011Caught in the middle -help21
06/30/2011Good Morning NotRot Notaries - 6/30/20111
06/30/2011Signing Central Rating System1
06/30/2011Register for SoCal Notary Networking Event today...3
06/30/2011National Notary Assn & Abortion....85
06/30/2011If anybody received an email from me this AM, it is bogus.18
06/30/2011Apostille (?spelling)...4
06/30/2011It must be dead slow or very busy3
06/30/2011Just checking in..1
06/30/2011Wisconsin changing notary office tomorrow.12

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