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Welcome to the Notary Discussion archive for November, 2013, where you can find answers to many notary questions, information on signing services and title companies and expert advice on signing agent issues. This archive is current as of 12/31/2013.
November, 2013
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DateTopic# Replies
11/01/2013How about a standardized loan pkg?5
11/01/2013Standard Code9
11/01/2013IRS rule that may affect you.3
11/01/2013IRS warms of tax fraud phone calls0
11/01/2013LSI requiring BCG's every year?20
11/01/2013Deathbed Notary14
11/01/2013Potential Virus warning1
11/01/2013Notary Guild?8
11/01/2013Anyone else noticed the new instruction for docs8
11/01/2013For the Director of communications according to this2
11/01/2013Just a comment on Forum concerns.....5
11/01/2013Is there a legal action one can take to collect unpaid fees3
11/01/2013Number of Notaries in US13
11/01/2013Received an email from a SS today1
11/01/2013This industry has gone nuts in the last week6
11/01/2013FNTG release form14
11/01/2013Times are tough, but they just got tougher for others...12
11/01/2013Just looked at a schedule for a company (lowballer)3
11/01/2013Just took a very good look at the SPW website. All NNA!!16
11/02/2013Phoenix, AZ notaries...about the SPW..your attention please!2
11/02/2013As if we don't have enuf issues, fraudster SSs, SPW, NNA4
11/02/2013Has anyone emailed or spoken with17
11/02/2013UC SanDiego Certifed Loan Signing Specialist course 3/20/144
11/02/2013Not much time left for the deadbeat SSs to dupe NSAs2
11/02/2013Hugh tried to make VALID point probably many missed2
11/02/2013North Carolina CSA's ONLY7
11/02/2013Thoughts about the SPW standards6
11/03/2013Glad to see some Proactive thinking here11
11/03/2013Complying with the new regulatoins19
11/03/2013Local Woman to me ID Theft Victim in 5 States14
11/03/2013You can bet the next thing on the horizon among new5
11/03/2013Ineresting quote from SPW9
11/03/2013OK, so are they advertising......3
11/03/2013I find it interesting how pervasive XYZ is, and am getting5
11/03/2013Suggestions for replacement laser printer, please12
11/03/2013FOR NC NOTARIES ONLY...2
11/03/2013Quick Loan Signing Company from Irving California1
11/03/2013Quick Loan Signing Company from Irving California8
11/03/2013HAMP's Redefault Rate at 27% and Likely to Rise1
11/03/2013And yet another post about this code of conduct0
11/04/2013HVR: Word on the street .....6
11/04/2013North Carolina notaries only: Date Chngd to Sat. Nov. 303
11/04/2013Economic Update by Prospect Mortgage1
11/04/2013Disclosure of the HUD prior to refinance signing question11
11/04/2013The Notary Spot4
11/04/2013File your complain with the San Diego District Attorney2
11/04/2013Question about CA DMV Form reg2272
11/04/2013Closing Department?5
11/04/2013Are things better?7
11/04/2013Crystal ball .....7
11/04/2013Reverse mortgage7
11/04/2013Every business has one1
11/04/2013IRS: Independent Contractor Defined5
11/04/2013For Texas Notaries2
11/04/2013Alabama Notaries: Free Notary Services on Thurs., Nov 7th1
11/04/2013This is interesting and yet the Sterling BGC does NOT0
11/04/2013I encourage everyone to email the folks at the SPW re:9
11/04/2013CityPro finiancial, Woodland Hills C.5
11/04/2013XYZ logo gone3
11/04/2013New bckground check: Points for criminal and moving offenses5
11/04/2013Title company, Signing Service and Lenders errors3
11/04/2013Must sign the Code of Conduct, examples of whats in it...14
11/05/2013IRS Form: SS-8 Determination of Worker Status for purposes o2
11/05/2013Not JP - Affects our work, too! Important info: How to bring3
11/05/2013What are the rules please refresh me...4
11/05/2013CSS standards adopted by SPW have begun9
11/05/2013News article: 5% down payments offered by Wells Fargo, etc.2
11/05/2013How is this fair??? Would fedex office print/fax for free???15
11/05/2013Signing Professionals Workshop or SPW16
11/05/2013$1300 Judgment Granted for unpaid Accurate National Signing8
11/05/2013We need an SPW Alternative9
11/05/2013Chase Mission4
11/05/2013Perfect example of thinking like an employee5
11/05/2013According to the SPW Code of Conduct...3
11/05/2013Code of conduct for Lenders, Title, and SS5
11/05/2013Item 7.9 of Code of Conduct definitely should not be....9
11/05/2013WA Employment Security Dept. has requested to see SPW docs24
11/05/2013TC's need to verify that forms comply with all State & Fed0
11/05/2013As if it couldn't get worse...7
11/05/2013I'm on Linked-In, and so is XYZ7
11/05/2013AZ Notary News7
11/05/2013Office Depot and Office Max have merged! n/m1
11/05/2013New Backgroud Check-No Business n/m1
11/05/2013Read This9
11/05/2013How far do you go?13
11/05/2013The Answer is....2
11/05/20137.4 will not collude with other specialists to set fees for2
11/06/2013em sent to CFPBOmbudsman@cfpb.gov5
11/06/2013Note to NSAs, Valuamerica/BofA hired Amanda Kirkish ANS etal7
11/06/2013North Carolina Signing Agents, we need this.11
11/06/2013So, what's the latest and greatest in notary stamps?1
11/06/2013FYI: CFPB Contact Re-Post =>0
11/06/2013Food for thought re. ID fraud and forgery and loan fraud0
11/06/2013Civility . I have seen several instances of unjustified ( if5
11/06/2013So what's the issue here? What is OUR goal?9
11/06/2013Please everyone send the CFPB gripes in emails to them..11
11/06/2013Closing for next door neighbor16
11/06/2013Printer Help3
11/06/2013Thank you for your Services18
11/06/2013Vincent Adams in Arlington/Mansfield, Texas15
11/06/2013Message Deleted1
11/06/2013Land and Law Group8
11/06/2013shannon smoot and precise signing n/m9
11/06/2013How do people do this?24
11/06/2013Flexible Signing / newer co (?)2
11/06/2013Critical conflict of interestl. Where are the regulatiors?4
11/06/2013Lots of Push Back on the SPW3
11/06/2013Contact information for SPW - Help anyone?1
11/06/2013What happened today?9
11/07/2013Verbiage Headaches!1
11/07/2013FYI: Latest post on Annual BGC for SPW by XYZ13
11/07/2013TCs actively seeking NNA members, What about AAN members?4
11/07/2013Expert Signing contact for payment?1
11/07/2013trustee signings6
11/07/2013JUST TO BE CLEAR!10
11/07/2013Asset Management Specialists, Inc. (AMS, Inc.) - Bristol, PA0
11/07/2013I found out how to get the phone to ring5
11/07/2013Here is the email for American Association of Notaries3
11/07/2013NNA is posting on Social Media and Responding in1
11/07/2013Just signed up for NNA background check45
11/07/2013Printer help - thanks, everyone - just a couple questions2
11/07/2013What I like about you2
11/07/2013SolutionStar regarding NationStar requirement2
11/07/2013Read carefully before you reply, your comments are important26
11/07/2013Mortgage Connect/LandSafe19
11/07/2013Happy Notary Day E-Mail From Minnesota SOS3
11/07/2013Subscribing Pursuit ??14
11/07/2013Remember Monday is a holiday - Veterans Day 11/11/13 n/m6
11/07/2013Federal Trade Commission Contact Information3
11/07/2013CT notary witnesses the note.1
11/07/2013Keep those calls & e-mails coming...FNF revised the Release19
11/08/2013Help for home owners post7
11/08/2013speak up or zip it???5
11/08/2013Brother printer question for the tec experts.... I4
11/08/2013Outlook 20103
11/08/2013Staples 8.5 x 11, 10 reams 14.99 after rebate and coupon1
11/08/2013I have done 5 WF deals 3 refi and 2 purchase this week.9
11/08/2013I found a purchase gold mine in my area this week4
11/08/2013Notary Assurance4
11/08/2013Looking for The Post About Lawsuit Filed3
11/08/2013I think I'll start a name changing service2
11/08/2013The power of positive thinking3
11/08/2013Just rec'd the first Title Source newsletter "Title Talk"8
11/08/2013JMT Response to SPW, NNA and BGC24
11/08/2013Code:"Distillation of interaction" between thousands of CSS9
11/08/2013SPW and NNA Director one in the same13
11/08/2013Has anybody seen the new release mentioned in7
11/08/2013Read this.4
11/09/2013Servicelink MIA9
11/09/2013Realty Signatures, Las Vegas, NV6
11/09/2013Consider the IRS as you follow SPW & NNA6
11/09/2013How to stay in business and make more money3
11/09/2013Anyone else being notified by the TC's they work for to2
11/09/2013Hide and Seek: Don't you agree?18
11/09/2013RE: BGC: be informed: Employer Resp & Consumer Rights3
11/09/2013SBA: The National Small Business Ombudsman0
11/09/2013We need to boycott the lenders that jumped on the ship15
11/09/2013SoCal Signing4
11/09/2013I want to comply with Code of Conduct 10.14
11/09/2013Who are the members of the SPW3
11/09/2013NNA has a 100% money-back guarantee.2
11/10/2013How many people sent the SPW/NNA Code of Conduct to their32
11/10/2013Board of directors and Presidents of SPW Group members0
11/10/2013The week link3
11/10/2013Would not mind some overtime pay, sick leave16
11/10/2013CFPB Launches Tool to Locate Housing Counselors1
11/10/2013VD - Thanks to a few good men & women!3
11/10/2013NNA as NSA employeer for SBW Group.4
11/10/2013Would like to see XYZ investigated for collusion.....7
11/11/2013How the CFPB May Kickstart Electronic Mortgages, At Last9
11/11/2013SPW website1
11/11/2013Over 25 Percent of House Asks CFPB for One-Year Delay of QM3
11/11/2013Update on my husband5
11/11/2013Is this just inane double talk or....11
11/11/2013Information from the OCC regarding Risk Management4
11/11/2013Chase and Notary form12
11/11/2013New App from Signature Closers5
11/11/2013Toner Refill Kits for Brother 61801
11/11/2013I salute the many men and women who are serving our country3
11/11/2013California NNA and SPW cancer27
11/11/2013I am moving all of my personal accounts to5
11/12/2013Chase laying off 15,000 employees by 2014 year end22
11/12/2013NAR Chief's 2014 Housing Predictions3
11/12/2013Who's protecting our information?9
11/12/2013A first for me - rather cool, too.16
11/12/2013Chase doc requires ack of notary via Title Source5
11/12/2013Posted elsewhere but a major "Hrrmm" moment5
11/12/2013Lending Staffing Model will focus on higher educated LOs1
11/12/2013Beat the clock..21
11/12/2013Signing Center0
11/12/2013U&OB or Richmond VA4
11/12/2013No gbc/compliance issues today. I did a signing through an3
11/12/2013Has anyone else been real slow?17
11/12/2013Especially for Florida Notaries near Ocala, FL9
11/13/2013New rule on supplying appraisals5
11/13/2013Got a request for updating the company's database7
11/13/2013help for independent contractors.....3
11/13/2013Castle & Cooke penalized for steering borrowers to costly0
11/13/2013SS Email Hacked10
11/13/2013Philippines scam - BEWARE!1
11/13/2013I am under Watch Status with Title Source8
11/13/2013Good ole' GN5
11/13/2013Anyone else have problems with Comcast email not loading?1
11/13/2013Has anyone actually taken the time to call the NNA......35
11/13/2013Robo signings and the $65 fees2
11/13/2013If you get a BGC through Sterling...4
11/13/2013for Harry...9
11/13/2013Signing Services - Something Needs to Be Done.....NOW17
11/13/2013Let's send Harry to SPW :0)2
11/13/2013Why would someone send a group email1
11/13/2013Any skinny on CM Signings? Didn't find any info in SC.3
11/14/2013M.D. at end of signature4
11/14/2013CAUTION: ValuAmerica = ValuEscrow => same horse, different10
11/14/2013We need a voice for the NSA on the SPW Board.35
11/14/2013Notice of prior use of Certified Signing Specialist5
11/14/2013Just dropped by to say "HELLO THERE!"3
11/14/2013IS the NNA & SPW succeeding at its ultimate goal?2
11/14/2013To keep or not to keep?2
11/14/2013Good idea to have a working NSA on the SPW board6
11/14/2013SPW website5
11/14/2013Notary of the Year stuff6
11/14/2013BGC question, please.6
11/14/2013Liberty Title & Escrow Warwick RI4
11/14/2013Strange question10
11/14/2013Anthony J Negrete n/m4
11/14/2013Anthony J Negrete ( I still do closings )4
11/14/2013Question to Tony Negrete:9
11/14/2013Maybe it's year end, maybe the slow market3
11/14/2013Welcome all Notary & Notary Signing Agents!!28
11/14/2013Perhaps as a last resort...9
11/14/2013WA ESD responds: We will be ready2
11/15/2013Regarding fees8
11/15/2013A situation that is not addressed by the SPW17
11/15/2013Letter from OFPB Ombudsman2
11/15/2013Message Deleted1
11/15/2013Amanda Kirkish dba Accurate National Signings files BK7
11/15/2013Going to take the day to parse through the language inserted30
11/15/2013Microsoft Scam in San Luis Obispo County reported9
11/15/2013Additional mortgage originators coming to the forefront?0
11/15/2013Is anybody waiting for payment from Always Signing?4
11/15/2013Virginia...conducting closings via web conferences...??4
11/15/2013Proud to be amongst you'all!6
11/15/2013Cryptolocker extortion virus - like, for real10
11/15/2013NNA and E&O coverage -9
11/15/2013Finding House number when it is dark48
11/15/2013SPW... NNA... hope they do their homework11
11/16/2013Reliable Transportation9
11/16/2013Collection of Fees5
11/16/2013Don't forget the flashlight! walking to and from your car9
11/16/2013new one for me3
11/16/2013I-9 comment12
11/16/2013OMG, Be careful what you wish for.7
11/16/2013Is it true the NNAs website was hacked?17
11/17/2013That time of month again and it's early15
11/18/2013Affinity Title, $5.3 Million stolen2
11/18/2013Life of Crime does not Pay!0
11/18/2013This code wasn't worth the time invested IMO by them or me.5
11/18/2013Central Escrow G/B/6
11/18/2013For notaries who have unpaid signings by bankrupt ANS6
11/18/2013Number one (1) Notarry G/B/U4
11/18/2013NR lack of information Concerning CSS status5
11/18/2013Mr Browne explains the SPW14
11/18/2013Mortgage Connect6
11/18/2013I have a question....ANS2
11/18/2013SSs requiring BGC from XYZ within last 12 months6
11/18/2013Bankruptcy Notice6
11/18/2013Jailhouse Marriage10
11/18/2013Alert: Accurate National Signings Criminal Proceedings2
11/18/2013NNAs Facebook page. I'm calling BS2
11/18/2013New report about FL notaries who are felons7
11/18/2013Att: experienced notaries. Pricing question.13
11/18/2013Let's Plan a Boycott. One day when no one takes a signing18
11/18/2013Does anyone charge more ?10
11/19/2013Hi! We have a signing in your area!3
11/19/2013Universal Notaries~tis the season!8
11/19/2013Infinite Signing Solutions5
11/19/2013Professional Settlements in Costa Mesa this the same0
11/19/2013speaking of scripts....this is a TC script that just bugs me2
11/19/2013HVR Movil Notaries4
11/19/2013Sterl*** backround check10
11/19/2013Write N Roll, LLC - anyone attended their training?12
11/19/2013Well I Got Suckered By Carol Ray17
11/19/2013Not a Problem Phillip Browne I Understand7
11/19/2013Knowledge Splice Services?3
11/19/2013Forseti Real Estate Altamont Fl..g/b/u? n/m3
11/19/2013SPW, huh?2
11/19/2013NNA and the CSS Designation4
11/19/2013NNA SPW Stuff7
11/20/2013SPW Code of Conduct - FASS22
11/20/2013Organizing a Signing Agent Group [My ideal group]15
11/20/2013New member SPW--CynANotary, LLC15
11/20/2013Remember. Signing Agents wear TWO hats ...3
11/20/2013"My Signings"3
11/20/2013First Source Title in Parma, OH -- G/B/U??2
11/20/2013live stream: Know before you Owe-Mortgages field hearing1
11/20/2013Fax Backs13
11/20/2013Getting Work5
11/20/2013Liberty Title & Escrow, Warwick, RI (HQ) g/b/u???5
11/20/2013FNF Release10
11/20/2013BEWARE SPAM email True Concepts. don't open!3
11/20/2013After 1 1/2 years I am doing first GNW today11
11/20/2013The Signing Agent just offered $75 for tonight.22
11/20/2013Write N Roll, G/B/U not in SC6
11/21/2013Mind your peas and Qs10
11/21/2013SPW Update Released by NNA10
11/21/2013TMR Notary g/b/u. No recent info. thank you n/m3
11/21/2013Working for Slow Payers11
11/21/2013Has anyone heard about this company ?4
11/21/2013Well I just responded by email to a few companies on SPW13
11/21/2013Well, I got the NNA's attention alright! :)18
11/21/2013Dear Lender and Title Companies,18
11/21/2013Citywide Title Corp1
11/21/2013Business Supply now Quill1
11/21/2013Boy, times must be hard...5
11/21/2013Jury Duty12
11/22/2013Message Deleted0
11/22/2013Blue and grey lines...what are they for?2
11/22/2013National Loan Closers7
11/22/2013Aging Borrowing Population1
11/22/2013Senior Scams0
11/22/2013Do you remember where you were 50 years ago today?17
11/22/2013Talk about background checks - did you know3
11/22/2013Would love an outside perspective on this one.23
11/22/2013NNA/SPW waste their time, ADOBE security breach4
11/22/2013NNA vs NAR16
11/22/2013Corner Stone Signing6
11/22/2013Finally busy, busy, busy. 5 closings in 2 days.1
11/22/2013Conversation w/signing company7
11/22/2013FYI - HVR update...11
11/22/2013CA POA question.9
11/22/2013Low fee offer just now. Time for a break.1
11/22/2013Just got bumped UP on a fee3
11/22/2013NR fax not working for me yesterday or today?2
11/22/2013Do we need to tape a BGC to our forehead before going out?10
11/22/2013Would you sign this on a contract?14
11/22/2013it was bound to happen.....13
11/23/2013I wonder if...5
11/23/2013Reverse Mortgage Apps need a diet13
11/23/2013HVR Mobile Notary---stranger & stranger7
11/23/2013Just finished faxing back the whole 130 pages26
11/23/2013URGENT! Help needed for Chase docs5
11/23/2013Concealed Carry weapons permit37
11/23/2013title logic2
11/23/2013Accurate National Signing Service (Kirkish) - bankruptcy2
11/23/2013Charge n/m1
11/23/2013FEES : Charge what you are worth !4
11/24/2013Mac Users: Software/Printers to print mixed pdf page sizes?15
11/24/2013Brother HL-6180DW...7
11/24/2013Let's talk borrowers signatures with TCs and lenders27
11/25/2013Why our phones won't be ringing...3
11/25/2013mobile signing solutions11
11/25/2013Form an LLC or do DBA to current business? Or neither?4
11/25/2013For NNA members or those who care, NNA E&O story27
11/25/2013HVR Notaries3
11/25/2013Happy Thanksgiving! I'm sending my wishes that you &4
11/25/2013Executive Notary Service14
11/25/2013Accurate National Signing Service Filed Chapter 7 BK2
11/25/2013PDF won't download3
11/25/2013LSI and the SPW16
11/25/2013any recent info on....2
11/25/2013Setting an industry standard is not price fixing15
11/25/2013CynANotary - got a call. Has anyone worked for them? n/m1
11/25/2013For the first time......10
11/26/2013Refi direct from borrower12
11/26/2013Help Guardian question in Florida11
11/26/2013BCHH Inc5
11/26/2013Spam email alert for NowClosings. Got an email with0
11/26/2013NOW Closings email has been hacked.3
11/26/2013Why owners' title insurance?11
11/26/2013Gold Coast Document: anyone work for them lately?0
11/26/2013Federal appeals court - loan officers are not hourly employe2
11/26/2013Living Trust5
11/26/2013Know of a Chinese speaking Notary in the Sacramento area? n/m0
11/26/2013The AAN just published its initial response to SPW and12
11/26/2013did you get email: VALVETSNOTARY.COM? Valued Veterans1
11/26/2013Property Purchase In New York1
11/26/2013More info on SPew group3
11/26/2013Freelancers Union...14
11/26/2013Paramount Signature Services, Inc 813-451-0544 *****3
11/26/2013In spite of the fact that I have not signed the FNF Consent6
11/27/2013Authorization for minor child visitation7
11/27/2013which other websites apart from the big 3 huh?3
11/27/2013split signing closing questions6
11/27/2013I am looking for an inexpensive 15" laptop w/Windows 715
11/27/2013Happy Thanksgiving! Be safe out there if you're on the road4
11/27/2013Mortgage industry standards15
11/27/2013#1 Signing Services - know anything about them?3
11/27/2013First one for me, loan using a TIN instead of a SS # n/m5
11/27/ 1 star! lowest rating, thank you N/R!!0
11/27/2013Just noticed at bottom of DocPros background request email20
11/27/2013Okay, I know what I posted earlier, but now...14
11/27/2013Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!4
11/27/2013Professional Settlement Services2
11/27/2013Stargazing, again.3
11/28/2013You never know what kind of signing you are going into.5
11/28/2013Hoping all the N/R members have a Safe & Happy Thanksgiving! n/m0
11/28/2013Tennessee Residential Property Signing2
11/28/2013Happy t-day0
11/28/2013Notary law and Real Estate law10
11/28/2013question for FL Notaries4
11/28/2013Accurate National Signing Service1
11/29/2013AC Law Group0
11/29/2013Disturbing....just found this on Craigslist...7
11/29/2013Land & Law Group, SC --- email "Approved"....5
11/29/2013OT-Anyone with a fax have time to help me?5
11/29/2013So why can't I....7
11/29/2013Is anyone else NOT signing the FNF release?30
11/29/2013Florida notaries4
11/29/2013Identity theft7
11/29/2013JUST FYI from2
11/29/2013Does anyone want to interpret this FNF response?10
11/30/2013Around-the-Clock Closing Services LLC3
11/30/2013Corporate Status of one Slow Pay Low Pay SS Company in OC CA5
11/30/2013Explanation vs. UPL3
11/30/2013Service Link14
11/30/2013Always Signing Inc. A Signing Service in Irvine20
11/30/2013More SS Company corporate status news.1
11/30/2013This is a must watch - NNA Speaks to MD Notary SAs about SPW5
11/30/2013NNA Certification7
11/30/2013New SPW Standards are they really law?11
11/30/2013I'm revamping my own independent contractor agreement and13
11/30/2013American Notary Signing Agents10
11/30/2013My notary income for November is the lowest in recent years n/m8

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